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 Counseling can help you get control of your life so that you can experience  enjoyment and happiness,

Many of you who have come to my website are having problems  with : anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD,  internet pornography, sexual addiction, alcohol problems,  drug problems or gambling

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If your are suffering from anxiety we will work toward helping you become calmer and have more of a sense of inner peacefulness, and be able to feel connected again to what matters to you in life, whether it be your children, husband, meaningful other, interests in life, or to be able to excel at your job. (read more …)

If you are depressed we will work on helping you regain your self esteem and find that important person inside who has been gone for awhile. When we are depressed it effects the people around us who are most important to us, as well as our precious pets. They have done studies showing how pets pick up what we are feeling and do not do as well when their masters feel depressed. (read more …)

If you are suffering from trauma (PTSD) you are probably feeling like things will never return to normal but with help you will learn to handle those haunting memories and find the that peace and calmness once again. Trauma is devastating depending upon the severity of it. Lack of concentration, depression, anxiety, sleepless nights, eating disorders, and feeling ill, can all come from keeping it inside. (read more …)

If you are Bi Polar we need to work toward getting you to be able to control those severe mood swings that seem to happen out of the blue, so your personal and work life are in your control again. As we work together you will learn to identify when you are having intense “highs” or “devastating lows”. Once you identify them, in therapy you can learn how to respond to these feelings and not have them rule) your life. (read more …)

ADDICTIONS (Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Sexual Addiction)
If you are suffering from addictions you need to learn how to cope and let go of the urges that are preventing you from having a normal life. You need to be able to look forward to having a positive quality of life and feel comfortable being you, rather then something controlling you. We need to be able to confront and take charge of our addictions and develop a new pattern in how we live our lives.(read more …).

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Serving Middlesex & Somerset Counties in New Jersey