Bi Polar Disorder

Bi Polar Disorder (Part 1 of a 6 part series)

I have decided to dedicate the next week’s entries to Bi-Polar Disorders because I work with a number of people who have BPD. (Bi Polar Disorder). BPD has very negative effects on a relationship. There are no total cures but there are ways to effectively manage BPD and the next blogs will give you an idea of what can be done to help both the individual and the relationship survive this difficult situation.

As I get response from the couples that I am working with and from my blog, I will consider writing a manual for people with BPD and their partners, so please contact me with your reaction to my entries.

Here is a list of what each blog will cover:
Blog # 1 – I will give a straight forward definition of BPD.

Blog # 2 – Will be focused on the partner of the person

Blog # 3 – Bi Polar Disorder – Triggers and Addiction

Blog #4 – Bi Polar- for the person with BPD

Blog #5  – Becoming an expert about your own triggers

Blog #6 – Working as a Team – with meaningful others