Emotional Freedom Techniques(EFT) – Tapping Into Your Potential


A few years ago, who would have believed in the Internet, email, or pocket sized cell phones. So why isn’t it possible that there can be technological breakthroughs in the field of psychotherapy? I have my doctorate in psychology; have been in practice for over 30 years, and I hold two state licenses to practice psychotherapy. Meridian therapy/Emotional Freedom Techniques has deeply influenced the way that I practice therapy. In the past I believed that relief from emotional pain took weeks, months, and even years. I also believed that a certain amount of emotional suffering was necessary during therapy all in the cause of getting help. However, new discoveries change our way of seeing things. In these pages you are going to read things that are very different from traditional psychology and will seriously challenge your current understanding. It has for me, and the more you read and experience this new approach the more you will realize that it really is the next step in therapy. In the following pages, you will read examples of issues that have been dealt with in a few sessions by using Meridian Therapy/EFT (Please note that although the names used in this section are fictitious the situations are from actual cases). The following articles discuss various situations where Meridian Therapy/EFT has been effective.

General Information about Meridian Therapy /EFT

The way Meridian Therapy/EFT works is that it quickly and gently helps a person let go of negative emotions. It helps a person focus on the real issues and not get lost in the negative feelings. Having used Meridian Therapy/EFT on myself as well as hundreds of times with others, I have found it to be remarkably effective.

Below are examples of issues that have been successfully reduced or resolved within a few sessions by using Meridian Therapy/EFT.




Career changes



Pain reduction from physical issues (headache, backache and neck aches)

Relationship counseling

Self-image issues


1. Addiction and Meridian Therapy/EFT Procedures

Below is the number of sessions taken to deal with various addictions:

Are you one of those people who cannot pass-up chocolate? Meridian Therapy/EFT has quickly and easily eliminated that craving in less than one session .

People who have smoked for over 20 years have eliminated their “smoking urge” in 1- 3 sessions without any additional supports.

Chewing Tobacco – 1 session.

Over weight/overeating – 3 to 8 sessions .

The “Addictive Desire” (alcohol, drugs, gambling, Internet, sexual) – Average length of treatment is 3 to 6 months. This is more involved because there are more “aspects of treatment involved” (See steps for treatment below). Often all of these steps do not have to be taken to completely eliminate “The Addictive desire”.

Those who are experiencing the physical and psychological aspects of addictions often have to deal with the following issues:

The craving of the addiction (alcohol, drugs, gambling, Internet, sexual). Often the physical craving can be reduced significantly, if not eliminated in one or two sessions.

The self-anger and not feeling worthy.

The general anxiety issues that are triggered when the drinking stops.

The specific “trigger situations.”

The emotional roots from the past.

The development of a positive self-image vision of future.

Successful elimination of an addiction typically occurs within a few months.

2. Anger

These issues were all dealt with in one or two sessions. When I followed up in each of these situations, I found that the changes were permanent.

Terry was constantly getting angry with her mother-in-law. She felt that her mother in-law was constantly provoking her. Using Meridian Therapy/EFT she was able to remain calm and not feel provoked by her mother in laws’ comments (1 – 2 sessions).

An employee was able to gain perspective and get past his anger at his manager. Once past that anger he was able to deal far more effectively with his supervisor. He was able to raise his performance and the quality of his work life greatly improved (1 – 2 sessions).

3. Anxiety and Fear

Peter had suffered from chronic anxiety since he was a teenager. He had taken medication and seen many therapists over the years. He was anxious about getting up in the morning to the point of throwing up. After 5 sessions, he was medication free and completed therapy.]

Randy was frightened of dealing with her “overbearing husband.” After on session she stopped being afraid of telling him when she was upset. When she did that, she was able to let go of her resentment of him. A relationship that increases its openness in communication increases its potential for intimacy.

4. Career Issues

Ralph had recently turned 50 and he was let go due to company downsizing. As a result, he suffered a severe loss of self-confidence. After using Meridian Therapy techniques, he realized that he had a wealth of knowledge due to his years of experience in the field. He developed a sense of calm and assurance that he would find a comparable or better position. That calm assured feeling would serve him well in his job search (2 sessions).

5. Depression

I have worked with a number of people who have been chronically depressed, in some cases for their entire life. Several of them have been on medication and not found it at all helpful or had some very negative side effects. As we worked together they made significant advances without medication. I am not saying that this will always be the case or that people working with me should stop taking medication. I am saying that in my professional experience, after using Meridian Therapy/EFT techniques, medication was no longer necessary for several of the individuals that I was seeing in counseling.

After I worked with Bill, a depressed, suicidal young man recently hospitalized, he was able to return to work and deal with the pressures that he was having at work (3 sessions).

6. Grieving

The goal of Meridian Therapy/EFT in terms of grieving is two-fold.

The mourner can significantly reduce the deep emotional pain that he/she is experiencing .

The person can develop additional strength to go on with his/her life.

Below are encouraging examples of some people that I have worked with that have had remarkable results.

Mary is a dramatic example of how someone was surprisingly able to get past a significant trauma that she had been carrying around for five years. She had suffered the loss of twins. One died one month after being born, and the other three months later. We worked together for about 30 minutes. At the end of that time, Mary was able to talk about her loss, without becoming teary. She spoke in a normal voice and said that she seemed to “feel a peacefulness about the twins death”. I want to add that even I was surprised at her response. Some weeks later in casual conversation, Mary said to me “I just saw a documentary on infant death and I remembered the twins; but I was o.k. when I watched the show.”

Letting go of the grief doesn’t mean letting go of the memory, it just means not seeing the world from an emotionally depressive haze. Once we can see more clearly, we are then emotionally available to talk through the remaining issues.

7. Pain Reduction from Physical Issues

Do you believe that our state of mind influences our health? Medical research has supported this connection. Certainly headaches, stomach pains, and even back and neck problems can be caused by tension (the mind/body connection).

The pain from these physical issues has been significantly reduced in a single session. The individuals however, did have to re-administer the techniques they learned on an as needed basis when the pain reoccurred. It did not remove the issues. Meridian Therapy/EFT, according to the individuals, significantly reduced the pain and stress that was generated from these physical problems.

Before addressing issues regarding physical conditions of the client should always consult with his/her physician

8. Relationship Counseling

Below are some of the successes I have seen with EFT during couples counseling.

A woman who was so angry with her husband that she could barely put a sentence together without it coming across as aggressive began using EFT. Afterwards, she was able to communicate much more effectively and not let the anger get in the way of important dialogue (2 sessions). There needed to be some repetition of using the techniques, but after a short while, there was a noticeable difference. The woman was able to get her ideas across without turning off her husband.

George was often frightened that his wife would become upset with him, so he held back telling her things that he thought would “set her off.” As he quickly got past his fear (2 sessions), he was more forthcoming in his communication. Openness added a quality of honesty to their relationship. Information, even if it is upsetting, is better when it not discovered accidentally. This openness enabled his wife to feel more trusting toward George.

Maryann felt neglected by her husband and as result she was very angry with him. Using Meridian therapy/EFT, Maryann was able to get past her anger and underlying hurt (2 sessions). Once past these emotions she was able to communicate her needs in a gentle way that did not threaten her husband. Michael was far more receptive to being “asked” rather than being “told” what his wife needed.

9. Self Image Issues

Carol doesn’t think much of herself. She is shy and feels bored with her job. When I used Meridian Therapy/EFT, spontaneously, Carol began to talk about the successes she was experiencing. She became calmer and spoke in a more focused way. We had more to do, but Carol had clearly taken a step forward.

Philip, a 48-year-old man, was losing his job due to downsizing. As a result, he was seriously questioning who he was both professionally and personally. Using Meridian Therapy/EFT after a single session, he was able to have a strong sense of himself. Philip was able to let go of his self-doubts and get in touch with his assets.

10. Trauma

I have also used EFT with those dealing with trauma issues.

Mary, a 45-year-old woman was constantly plagued with nightmares and incest memories she had of events during her early adolescents. Within a few sessions of using Meridian Therapy, she was able to think about the situations without becoming upset. Her nightmares were also greatly reduced. When she does have them, she is able after a short time, to deal with them without an intense emotional charge.

Please note that sometimes I find it helpful to combine other therapeutic approaches such as hypnosis, hypnoanalysis, and Nuerolinguistic Programming (I am trained as a master practitioner). Both personally and professionally, it is terrific to see changes happen right in front of my eyes.

Follow-up has been done with each of the people that I have mentioned to see if the changes have remained. They have. The changes that these people are experiencing are promising and exciting.

On a personal level… (Dr. heal thyself)

Unlike other approaches, people can be taught how to apply Meridian Therapy/EFT on their own. This part of the process is terrific for me. I am a “let’s try this on me first” type of guy. If this works for me, then I will be a believer. I can say without a doubt, it does work. I use it frequently throughout my day. I have used it for my own anxiety and depression (even therapists get anxious and depressed), headaches, daily focusing, sleep issues, remembering dreams, daily energy, creativity, restlessness, lethargy a general sense of lack of motivation, and self doubt.

Research on Meridian Therapy/EFT

Meridian Therapy/EFT has been proven clinically effective over 85% of the time. Meridian Therapies/EFT have been used for trauma, abuse, stress, anxiety, fears, phobias, depression, grief, and addictive cravings. It has also been used for physical symptoms including: headaches, body pains and breathing difficulties when traditional approaches have failed. It is an important missing piece to the healing puzzle.

For the most current research information take a look at the following web sites:

Callahan – “TFT” http://www.tftrx.com/5ref.html

Craig – “EFT” http://www.emofree.com/res.htm

Web sites for traumas http://www.energypsych.com, www.fsu.edu/~trauma/

Meridian Therapy (Energy Psychology) http://members.aol.com/eliums/ist.html

In addition to research, some of the web pages above have a number of individual cases that are cited in detail. These pages also list therapists from every state in the U. S. and from around the world.