Emotional reasons why we have trouble sleeping

There are many emotional causes for not being able to sleep. Being stressed / have racing thoughts/ problems or

worries on your mind or are depressed or suffering from panic disorders can all contribute to not being able to


Having had problems with sleeping myself and having over 60% of my clients reporting sleep problems I decided

to focus on helping people deal with this issue

What we can do about dealing with your sleep problems.

When I work with someone who is having trouble sleeping I use a variety of different approaches:

1. Relaxation

2. Self hypnosis

3. Hypnosis

4. EFT

5. Problem solving

6. Dealing with emotional issues such as stress, anxiety, depression

7.Teaching people about natural remedies and resources they can use (this is all done with the understanding

that people

8. Teach people the best things they can do while they are learning how to get the best night’s

sleep if they can’t fall asleep or they do wake up prematurely

This process usually takes between 2 and 4 sessions. This may vary for different individuals –

but we should know between our first and second session if we are making progress.