Traditional Short Term Therapy

When Short Term Therapy is used it can be a combination of behavior and insight techniques.

People need to learn how to deal with strong feelings of depression, anxiety, hopelessness, and anger to name some of the painful problems people face.

In short term therapy the process is:

  • Identify the issue to be dealt with
  • Develop strategies to handle this issue(s)
  • If straight forward strategies aren’t getting the results that are wanted we examine the deeper resistances to getting to a positive place.

Sometimes the blocks may be coming from ones past. Sometimes there are underlying issues that by solving one issue other ones may occur. For example someone may want to get rid of their anger, but their anger is what motivates them. Another example, where folks are not able to let go of negative issues, is if a person is constantly anxious, but they don’t want to let go of the anxiety because if they do they feel as if they are vulnerable.

On occasion to either move more quickly to resolve an issue or if the traditional approaches aren’t getting the desired results, some of the other approaches such as energy psychology, hypnosis, or hypnosis may be used in addition to traditional short term therapy.

Dr. Marty About Dr. Marty

I am trained in eight different types of therapy. I believe that the therapist should be flexible and have the treatment fit the client. As a result, I have studied a wide variety of approaches. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Counselor and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

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