Can you put into simple language what Depression is?


Can you put into simple language what Depression is?

If you are feeling down in the dumps, what’s the point, you just want to sleep
nothing appeals to you, the world seems like it is overwhelming
you have no enthusiasm for anything (assuming that you have been medically
checked out) that would be depression.

Sometimes we can feel a mixture of the above feelings. Some days we feel both
“jumpy” and “down in the dumps” at the same times. Or within an instant we can
move between these feelings. When this happens it may feel like we are going

Knowing what is happening to them helps many people feel less out of control. Even
though individuals feel upset, but at least they are not out of control. Control is very
important to people who suffer from anxiety and depression. Take heart, a little bit
later in this section we will talk about what you can do to get past these difficult

If you have suffered from the pain of anxiety or depression, it’s very difficult if not
impossible to convey to someone what I call “these invisible disabilities.” No one
knows the horror, the life interrupting quality of waking up every day with your
heart pounding, being short of breath, feeling like you are having a heart attack, or
even as if you are going to die. Or to have thoughts repeated over and over again in
your head. You just keep thinking/worrying about the same things from the
moment you wake up in the morning to the moment you go to sleep at
night. There is no peace; even your dreams haunt you. I have grouped
these disorders together because they tend accompany each other.


 Dr. Marty has developed his own approach: Focused Short Term Therapy (FSTT) .   He also uses  Emotional Freedom Techniques  (EFT) and Hypnosis.

There are a variety of other approaches he uses such as Behavioral Therapy, In-debth counseling, Eye Movement Reprogramming Desensitization (EMDR)  as well as exploring the impact of childhood on adult behavior.  Dr. Marty is a firm believer that therapy should be based on what the individual needs, so He will  explore childhood or teenage years is important or if it he will take a more behavioral approach if that seems most appropriate.  Together the client and Dr. Marty decide what is the best approach to take.  Counseling is a joint effort it is done with client not to them.

















Dr. Marty About Dr. Marty

I am trained in eight different types of therapy. I believe that the therapist should be flexible and have the treatment fit the client. As a result, I have studied a wide variety of approaches. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Counselor and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

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